• Open BitTorrent Speed by clicking on the  icon on your uTorrent/BitTorrent Classic or Web versions. A new tab will open showing BitTorrent Speed. 

  • Click on the settings icon 

  • Once the settings window comes up, go to Email Status and click on “Connect” 

  • On the next screen, enter and confirm your email address. Remember to review our privacy policy and check the corresponding box.

  • Then click on Send Verification Email. A confirmation like this will appear: 

  • And an email will be sent to your mailbox, open that email and click on “Confirm Email Address”

  • You will then receive this confirmation:

Your email address will now show as “Connected” in BitTorrent Speed. Now you will gain access to one access to multiple accounts, exclusive customer support, access to premium features and special marketing offers!

Remove your email from the BitTorrent Speed Wallet:

You can click on the “delete” button if you wish to remove your email address in the future. 

  • Please note that once an email has been removed from the wallet. You will have to allow at least 15 minutes before attempting to add it again. 
  • Make sure to remove the emails from other devices where you may have active sessions.
  • Once an email has been removed and added back on three times, it will not be accepted by the system.