With the launch of The BTTC mainnet on Dec. 12th, we are doing a redenomination. The current token will become BTTOld while the new token will become BTT.  

BTTOLD equals 1000 BTT. This does not change the market cap of BTT or the value of your holdings, but will increase the number of tokens you hold and decrease the price - both by a factor of 1000. 

The swap from old to new tokens will depend on where you have your tokens. Some exchanges will automatically swap these while others will require some manual intervention. Please reach out to your exchange for their procedure. Since this is a new launch, it might take some time for exchanges to implement these changes. 

Prior to making a BTT transaction, we recommend reaching out to your exchange/wallet customer service to confirm the BTTOLD/BTT redenomination is supported. 

If you have not swapped the tokens by January 12, nothing will happen, they will remain as BTTOLD until they can be exchanged.

Click here for a tutorial on how to swap from BTTOLD to BTT.  

For more information, please visit our FAQ