BitTorrent Speed is a new product integrated into the uTorrent and BitTorrent product family that rewards users with BTT in exchange for seeding, enabling faster downloads for everyone. By introducing an incentive for seeders, we hope to encourage the BitTorrent community to share their bandwidth.

Learn how you can link BitTorrent Speed to TronLink to withdraw and deposit!

Deposit BTT from on-chain to in-app and other Tron wallets:

    1. Open BitTorrent Speed wallet interface.

    2. View the on-chain balance menu then enter the amount of BTT you wish to withdraw. Choose BTT in-app or other public address. 

    3. Enter the number of BTT you would like to withdraw, then click on “Send”

    4. For other public addresses, make sure to paste in the correct public address as transactions are irreversible.



Deposit to your BitTorrent Speed wallet from another TRON wallet:

    1. Open BitTorrent Speed wallet interface, then click on the icon next to your public key (as indicated below) to copy it.             

    2. Go to Binance or other exchanges of your choice. Paste in your public key and enter and how much you want to transfer



  3. Once your exchange confirms the transaction is complete, you will see the BTT in both your TronLink account, and your BitTorrent Speed wallet. You may also go to Tronscan to verify that the transfer is complete.

Withdraw from your BitTorrent Speed wallet.

Withdraw BTT from in-app to on-chain:

Please note, you currently  have the option to withdraw from in-app to your on-chain BiTorrent Speed wallet, however, transfers from in-app to other Tron wallets will be supported in a future version of Speed.

    1. Display the in-app balance menu then enter the amount of BTT you wish to withdraw (must be at least 1,000,000 BTT). 

    2. Enter the number of BTT you would like to withdraw, then click on “Send”.


    3. You will then see the BTT shown in your on-chain balance and in your TronLink account.

Restoring your BitTorrent Speed Wallet in your TronLink Account: 

    1. Use the Google Chrome browser to search for the TronLink Chrome extension. Go here to download TronLink. Click “Add to Chrome” to download successfully.

    2. Once you have downloaded TronLink, open the extension by first clicking on the extension icon on the top right of your Google Chrome browser, then on the TronLink extension icon.




    3. You will then be taken to a page where you can decide to create a new wallet, import, or sync up with your hard wallet such as Ledger. Click on “Import Wallet” to access your BitTorrent Speed wallet from the extension.

    4. Go to the BitTorrent Speed interface. Click on “Wallet” on the left-hand navigation. Then click on “Recovery Information”. Follow the instructions to reveal your key.

    Please remember to never share your private key with anyone!


     5.Go back to the TronLink extension and paste your BitTorrent Speed private key and click on “Next”


    6. Once you enter your private key. You will be prompted to create a wallet name and a password. The latter should be entered twice as a confirmation. “Click on Import Private Key”.


    7. Wallet restoration is complete. You can now manage your funds via TronLink.

    8. Click on the Settings icon on the upper right-hand side of TronLink. Make sure the “Node” is on “Tron Mainnet” to be able to see and manage your funds on the TRON blockchain.


If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at or submit a ticket here.