Once you obtain the .torrent file you wish to download, import it into your torrent client.  There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Double-click the .torrent file or click on a Magnet link.
  2. Drag-and-drop the .torrent file into your torrent client.
  3. Click File, then select Add Torrent (or Ctrl+O) in your torrent client and open the .torrent file.
  4. If you know the direct URL to the .torrent file, but don't have it on your hard drive, you can click File, then select Add Torrent from URL (or Ctrl+U in your torrent client) and enter the URL of the .torrent file.
  5. After opening the .torrent file, tell your torrent client where you'd like the torrent contents to be saved. If your torrent client doesn’t automatically start downloading, you can start the torrent job manually by selecting the torrent job in the list and clicking the Start button on the toolbar, or by right-clicking the torrent and selecting Start. If you are using a Magnet link, you will need to wait a few seconds for the Meta-data to be retrieved.