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Following the launch of BitTorrent/µTorrent Web, our popular torrent streaming clients, µTorrent Lite (beta) expands on our vision to offer simple, decentralized tools for the browser. Available at, µTorrent Lite allows you to stream torrents on popular devices, including desktop PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, Android and more. Supporting Chrome, Edge, and Safari, you can play torrent files without needing additional applications, such as BitTorrent/µTorrent Web or Classic. 


µTorrent Lite is an evolution of WebTorrent, an open-source protocol and technology that was introduced by the developer community to power a decentralized browser-to-browser network for transferring large files. With µTorrent Lite, you only need to have the .torrent file downloaded, or the magnet link copied to your clipboard. If you drag the torrent file from a folder on your computer, or paste the magnet link into, the site accesses torrents seeded by the community and figures out the fastest way to assemble each piece of the file so you can stream the files in near real time. Because µTorrent Lite streams torrents from your browser’s memory, it does not download the actual files to a folder on your device. If you are looking for a simple way to play torrents that are video or audio-based files and don’t want to install additional applications, µTorrent Lite is a great choice.