Since BitTorrent Speed and BTT were introduced into the BitTorrent ecosystem, millions of users have enjoyed the benefits of faster download speeds, a healthier peer-to-peer network, and tokenized incentives for seeding files. With BTT growing as a stronger component of the BitTorrent ecosystem, we want to offer some helpful tips for remaining more secure when working with BTT in Speed and on the blockchain.   

  • Please do not share your personal information with anyone online. BitTorrent representatives will never request personal information from you other than what is needed, such as your email address, to answer your inquiry. Most importantly, we will never request your BTT private key or recovery phrase. BitTorrent will never ask you to send BTT to an address as part of a promotion or as a participation fee. 

  • Please remember that the BitTorrent protocol is made up of a decentralized network. We as a company do not have a way to contact you unless you previously contacted us through customer support. Be suspicious of anyone reaching out to you claiming to be a BitTorrent representative if you didn’t make a customer support request through us first.  

  • Per the Terms of Use, BitTorrent does not have access to your BitTorrent wallet password, and we cannot help you restore it. We also don’t know your recovery phrase, so we can’t help you recover it. BitTorrent will never request your private key or recovery phrase. Please do not share your wallet password or recovery phrase with anyone.

  • When seeking BTT news and information, interact with official, verified, accounts only. This is applicable for both BitTorrent and the exchanges where BTT is available. A full list of key communication channels include:









BTFS Discord community: 

Please be suspicious of communications claiming to be official coming from any other source.

  • Bad actors sometimes promote websites or social media pages mimicking BitTorrent. These sites or social media pages can compromise you by requesting sensitive information such as your private key, asking you to send BTT to participate in some promotion, or by distributing malware. When looking for information about any BitTorrent product, please make sure you start your search from our official websites listed below. If you are looking for news and information from our social media pages, please refer to the pages listed above. (for swapping BTTOLD to BTT)

If you have a customer support inquiry, please note that we currently do not provide support via Twitter. To ensure a faster response time, we recommend submitting a ticket or sending an email to This is the best source if you need help with one of our products or have a BTT-specific inquiry.